Mirjam Liggefeldt managed the social media content of Snapp.ai from the beginning

Mirjam Liggefeldt managed the social media content of Snapp.ai from the beginning

Miri, the past year has been a blast. The team will be missing you, but we’re incredible proud of your future. Tell us what you’ve worked on in the past at Snapcardster?

Thank you, I had a great time with you guys, too. In the last year I had various tasks that I worked on. Since I’ve been working at Snapp.ai I was responsible for the Snapcardster account on Instagram, where I regularly posted Magic artworks I animated  and got in contact with the Magic community. There are so many nice people you get to know via social media. In addition, I managed the translation of the app and the homepage. Therefore I worked together with amazing Magic fans from different countries like Italy, Spain, Brazil or France. Managing all these languages was an exciting challenge. You have to keep the overview and make sure to get the translations on time. This task was a great opportunity to work on my own project. Further tasks that I dealt with included accounting issues, WordPress, texting and creating social media adverts. A colourful mixture of tasks!

You’ll be leaving the company in August for a special opportunity. What are you going to do?

Yeah, I’m planning to undertake a doctoral degree.

That sounds great! In which area are you making your doctor?

Since I’ve been studying International comparative Sociology here in Kiel where I’m writing my Master’s thesis right now, I want to stay in this scientific field to increase my sociological knowledge and to expand my scientific skills. I’m really looking forward to the coming time, it will be exciting but also very demanding.

What has been the most fun project/event, you’ve worked on?

I really love to write short texts where I can let my ideas run free. So I had the fun task to write short descriptions for every member of the team. Seeing my colleagues having fun to read their personal descriptions made me happy, too.

Most viewed instagram posts of Snapcardster

Most viewed instagram posts of Snapcardster

Which social media post of you received the most interest and why?

Luckily, Instagram has the function to see the the most popular post, so I can tell you which one received the most interest. The artwork of Muldrotha, the Gravetide by Jason Rainville, which I animated with the app Floment, is shown as the most popular one. Animating it was really fun and I must say, it looks quite impressive. Very gloomy and mystical. Beside this post on Instagram I animated Twilight Prophet by Seb McKinnon. The animation wasn’t that stunning but I wrote a short variation of the card text with a goofy content. People on twitter liked it quite a lot.

Do you think the skills you’ve acquired in the last year will help you in the future?

Definitely! Within just one year I think I really learned so much when it comes to Social Media Marketing in a rather small and young company. Not only the hard skills like knowing how to use Yoast or how to create an A/B test can be useful in the future. Being open to a field that in the beginning might be totally unfamiliar to you (like Magic was to me) is a very important skill that can be helpful in every job and in life in general.

Miri, I wish you all the best for the future. It’s been a blast and we’re incredibly happy to have worked with you. We will be missing you!



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