To the Mage community, players and fans:

After months of reorganizing and crunching our marketing strategy, we’ve decided to discontinue our Pro Tour Team Mage.

In the last two years, we’ve not only sponsored some of the best players that Denmark has to offer with Thomas Enevoldsen, Michael Bonde, Simon Nielsen, Martin Müller, Christoffer Larsen and Martin Dang – we’ve also built one of the most competitive teams in Europe, making sixth place in the Pro Tour Team Series 2018/2019.

In order to qualify for the Mythic Championship (formerly Pro Tour) our players traveled and competed around the globe on various Grand Prixs and Team Grand Prixs.

As any sponsor, we’ve tried our best to support our players with a yearly contract, looking for eyeballs and attention in return.

With the inception of the MPL, termination of the Pro Tour Team Series and a lack of Grand Prix Coverage, the recent changes in Organized Play have made it harder and harder for teams to be relevant on the Grand Prix and Mythic Championship stage. Simultaneously, contracts with other companies including our co-sponsors MTGMintcard.com and UltimateGuard.com are not being renewed due to similar reasons. This forces us to make changes to our sponsorship strategy.

We have talked to our players in person and made the decision to reallocate our resources away from competitive play towards a more community-focused strategy. Objectively, this is neither good or bad but it hurts to let great players go due to changes in the Magic ecosystem and organized play.

I’ve already talked about some of the changes on the Tapped Out MTG Podcast which you can listen to below.

Personally, I am still very pushy on the idea of teams in Magic. While it definitely became harder, we’ve looked more at teams competing at the SCG Tour with our recent endorsement of Team Nova MTG.

Moving forward

We’re still negotiating with some individual players from the team and hope to offer follow-up contracts on individual terms. Due to the unpredictable nature of the Mythic Championship qualification process it’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to commit to long-term contracts for competitive players any time soon. Mage is always happy to engage with up-and-comers and with a recent partnership with Deel, a global contractor payment platform, we have obtained the infrastructure to support a broader spectrum of content creators.

Get in Contact with the Danes

Here’s a short reference for the all-star Danish Magic squad. If you think you can enable them to play more Magic at the highest level, we would be happy to introduce you.

  • Thomas Enevoldsen (@therealenevolds) loves to play on the highest stage. He recently became Platinum before the Pro Player’s Club was discontinued but that’s still a huge accomplishment. While he’s stepping down from writing due to time constraints, he’d love to play more Grand Prixs and Mythic Championships in a team with a great sponsoring partner.
  • Michael Bonde (@lampalot), with his hilarious celebration dance, must be one of the most entertaining characters on the pro circle, who always keeps a smile in good and bad times. He is interested in streaming, writing weekly content and qualifying for the MPL. Michael recently became a dad, which puts some time constrains on him but if you’ve followed the Team Modern Super Leagues (which Mage won) you will quickly notice that there is no such thing as “too late at night to play Magic” for him.
  • Simon Nielsen (@MrChecklistcard) is a sleep-in-win machine. His recent win with Hogaak at the Modern Grand Prix Vegas after two consecutive Top8s definitely puts him in the spotlight. He is hilarious, kind and a great person to work with. Simon is back to his studies and commits less time to content nowadays but is the right person if you’re looking for someone with an insane track record, goofy jokes and overall great personality.
  • Martin Dang (@MartinMagicDang) also became a dad and is stepping away from writing content regularly for Mage. We’re still in active conversation with Martin.
  • Christoffer Larsen (@ChrisTheDaneLa1) has the energy of 100 stolen machine guns from the navy. If there is one impressive player who’s really been under the radar on social media it is Chris. With countless top performances on last seasons Grand Prixs he has the track record of an-up-and-coming MPL star. Chris is not writing any content but he might be looking into making videos.
  • Martin Müller (@Mullermtg), originally emerging on the scene as the Danish wunderkind who won Worlds, focused a lot on his study in recent seasons but came back with a vengeance at the Mythic Championship in Barcelona where he Top8ed as the only wielder of the infamous Hogaak deck. He also started building up a streaming presence on twitch as the uncensored wizard.

Finding new sponsors for these incredible players would be awesome as they’ve really put in the time and effort, but unfortunately given the uncertain future of professional teams we have to discontinue the exclusive contracts. Reach out to @Peer_Rich or to the respective players individually.

Thank you all for the great time.

It was a pleasure to work with you all.

Peer & Daniel



Peer made his first steps in magic business with the sleeves brand: Bordifies.com. Since 2016, he's devoting himself to build the safest way to buy and sell magic cards with Mage Market.