Hooray and hello, fellow Planeswalkers!

Today is a special announcement from the team: We’re rebranding to Mage. For over two years, we’ve been present on the App Store, Play Store, social media and on the Pro Tour Team Series as Snapcardster.

This name was born in a local Whatsapp Group for Magic. Originally we tried to call the app Snapcards, but ran into problems finding a fitting domain name. Thore Hehn later proposed adding “cardster” as a play-on-words with Snapcaster Mage. Thank you very much Thore for your creative input!

A few weeks in after registrating the trademark: Snapcardster we ran into another interesting issue. Snap, Inc. send us a letter stating it would be too similar to their product: Snapchat. After negotiating, we’ve found a compromise to only use Snapcardster when referring to a marketplace for Magic: The Gathering. Problem solved. Or was it?

From time to time we’ve noticed that Snapcardster can be a hard to pronounce, hard to spell and hard to remember. I was shocked when I had to spell my email address on the first phone call and people didn’t got it right.

“S-N-A-P-C-A-R-D-S-T-E-R-DOT-COM”. Dang.

We’ve tried to fix this by adding a shortdomain: mtg.sc but we were still not completely happy. Although a few users really fell in love with the uniqueness of Snapcardster and the fact that it says exactly what it does: “Snap cards”, we’ve come to the conclusion that the cons predominate the pros.

Let me introduce you … *drumrolls*


“Snapcardster” becomes “Mage”

mage logo

Introducing: Mage


The reasoning is really simple: it’s shorter, more memorable and easier to spell.

Our core mission has always been to give you the best mobile experience for Magic. Now, we will turn it into a magical experience.

Mage, and especially Mage Market helps us to better communicate our product and we’re happy for a fresh and new beginning. There’ll be plenty of new exciting updates in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!



Peer made his first steps in magic business with the sleeves brand: Bordifies.com. Since 2016, he's devoting himself to build the safest way to buy and sell magic cards with Mage Market.