New Year – New Scanner!

We’re incredibly proud to finally announce the first magic card scanner that not only recognizes the set but also the language of a card.

(don’t get me wrong, there are other incredible mtg scanning apps like Delver Lens out there, but we’re officially the first one to recognise the language*)

Why this is important

And how it worked in the past

In the past we’ve focussed on improving the Optical Character Recognition, short OCR, to identify a card. While scanning a card and adding it to your collection based on the name is a good way to start a beta test, recognising the correct card information including set and language is the real game changer!

Remember the time you accidentally sold your english Shivan Dragon and it turned out to be a foil japanese one? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway language and set recognition is something we’ve been working on for quite a while now and today we’re confidant enough to test it in the android application.

That being said: If you find a card that’s being added with wrong attributes, take a screenshot and send it to us. 

Old vs New Scanner

OCR vs OCR & Neural Net

OCR: Correct language, but wrong set
OCR & Neural Network: Correct Set & Language

New Graph and Bottom Bar

In other News

New Graphs, Bottom Bar and Faster UI

The redesign of our price graph has been in our backlog for quite some time. Today we’re launching a more detailed diagram including weekly, monthly and yearly price history.

Furthermore we moved the add toduplicateedit and delete actions to the bottom to simplify the UI.

Overall the team made huge changes to the database and processing of data within the app. This change helped us to speed up the app performance and improve the general user experience.

Thank you for reading, I know … #MTGM25 spoilers are more interesting than changelogs but we want to involve you in the development process! As always: if you have something on your mind, whether you found a bug or miss a key feature feel free to:

Send Feedback

Until next time!

Peer from Snapcardster

* based on a Google Play Store research on March 5th. 2018. If you build a card scanner that can also recognise the language, hit me up!



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