Lately I’ve played a whole lot of Modern Horizons Limited which I think is the best Limited format in a while.

My original idea for this article was a write up of peculiar situations and mechanics in Modern Horizons. However, instead of me telling you what to play, I have constructed these puzzles for you to try and figure them out yourselves. I had lots of help with these puzzles from fellow Modern Horizons enthusiast and good friend Lars Dam aka Malavi on MTGO.

With each puzzle I’ve put the opponent on the maximum life total I can deal with using my optimal solution. However, you might find out how to deal more damage than their life total, which will make you my superior overlord and put me to shame.

You can always DM me on Facebook or Twitter and I will tell you if we have the same solution. In any case, a followup with my solutions will go up when I think everyone has had enough of a chance to figure out these puzzles on their own. These were great fun to make and I hope you’ll enjoy solving them.

In both puzzles we assume that you know their hand and your opponent knows your hand and will play optimally with the cards they have.

Puzzle 1

Win before you get Urza’s Raged!

Your opponent is on 30 life. You are on 1 life. The last card in their deck is Urza’s RageUrza’s Rage, which they can play with kicker on their next turn, so you have to win before they get to their draw step.

The creature type that was chosen for Plague EngineerPlague Engineer was Angel and all echo costs have been paid.

Puzzle 1 - Win before you get Urza's Raged!

Puzzle 1 – Win before you get Urza’s Raged!

Puzzle 2

Kill through a Hex-Progenitus!

Your opponent is on 17 life. You’re at 1 life. HexdrinkerHexdrinker is at a full 8 level counters, so it’s a 6/6 with protection from everything. You haven’t played a land for the turn. There are only Islands left in your deck. There are no counters on any of your creature right now. You have to win the game before HexdrinkerHexdrinker kills you on their next turn.

Puzzle 2 - Win through Hex-Progenitus!

Puzzle 2 – Win through Hex-Progenitus!

Feel free to share your solutions with me on Twitter and I can’t wait to see who can solve these!

As always, thanks for reading.



This article was written by Martin Dang in a media collaboration with mtgmintcard.com

Martin Dang

Martin Dang

Martin Dang is a Danish professional player and #mtgdad. He won Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir in 2015 and GP Liverpool 2015.