A warm welcome to everyone who has signed up for Mage v.2.0 and has been waiting for the launch in North America.

Today we have to inform you that the launch of Mage v.2.0 by the end of this month will not include middleman services in North America for the first few months. The reason for this is a delay in the setup of our US-based North American warehouse due to a RFE (Request for Evidence) we were sent by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Having spent 6 months in the US earlier this year, I was denied to make another trip in 2019 to launch our warehouse as anticipated. We’re expecting to engage with the USCIS over the upcoming months and I’m planning to be back in the states in January 2020 to get everything ready.

This is very unsatisfying as we’ve been planning to roll out our full services in the EU and North America simultaneously. However, this setback will not affect any of our other services. Buying, selling and access to the global (Mage) market will still be available from launch. NA users will get a note that authentication services will be available soon, and will not be charged authentication fees.

A visual indicator that authentication is coming soon to your country

A visual indicator that authentication is coming soon to your country.

Our first response to the RFE was to delay the entire NA launch by several months, but we’ve reconsidered and we are going to launch our marketplace in North America anyway. We only have to temporarily regionally restrict the functions of Mage v.2.0 to features like Bidding, where you can name the price you are willing to pay, and Asking, where you can actively sell to the highest Bid with just the click of one button. Consequently, our efforts to put prices and card availability in the hands of the community will be pursued with even more determination, and our additional buyer safety measures through authentication will be available as soon as we’re legally able to offer them.

The good news: we’ve been working with our legal team to launch the authentication service for Europe and are ready to get to work by the end of this month.

Thank you for reading and your patience,




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