After submitting the first article, I chatted to a friend of mine named Rasmus and he had a bunch of other reprint candidates in mind that I liked. So I decided to take a page out of his playbook and add my own suggestions to make a part two of this lovely topic. So here are 25 more cards that could be reprinted in Modern Horizons as well as my evaluation of them. And don’t miss to check out my Modern Horizons giveaway at the end of the article!

Eladamri’s Call

The unconditional creature tutor

Eladamri's Call from Masters 25

Eladamri’s Call from Masters 25

A two-mana creature tutor would add a lot of consistency to the Devoted DruidDevoted Druid and Vizier of RemediesVizier of Remedies combo. At the same time it allows for even easier access to matchup-specific silver bullets in creature decks.

Cunning Wish

The cunning wish for that which they require

Cunning Wish from Judge Promos

Cunning Wish from Judge Promos

Specifically and exclusively, I could see Cunning WishCunning Wish being everything that Spoils of the VaultSpoils of the Vault dreams of being in Modern Ad Nauseam. It can find either combo piece or protection without costing you the game directly in some cases. The deck aims to win on turn four a lot of the time, and Cunning Wish costs three. Perfect, right?


The fair version of Ponder

Portent from Commander 2018

Portent from Commander 2018

I imagine that PortentPortent would help build a more reliable version of Blue-White Miracles that would be acceptable in the new world of Modern.

Cabal Pit and Barbarian Ring

The Threshold lands

Cabal Pit and Barbarian Ring from Odyssey

Cabal Pit and Barbarian Ring from Odyssey

Both of these would be great utility lands in Life from the LoamLife from the Loam decks and maybe even in other decks that don’t use delve cards and have good enough mana. The lifeloss will add up, so their playability will be very dependant on the metagame it exists in.


More land needs the land!

Exploration from Conspiracy

Exploration from Conspiracy

With my suggestions so far, we are getting closer and closer to a “Lands” deck being playable in Modern. The big exceptions would be Mox DiamondMox Diamond, which is on the reserved list, as well as Dark DepthsDark Depths and Punishing FirePunishing Fire. The latter two are already in the format, but banned. It should be safe.


The cheap but risky tutor

Gamble from Ultimate Masters

Gamble from Ultimate Masters

GambleGamble will help put the puzzle together that I don’t even know the flavor of yet. I’m sure that the internet hive mind will figure something out.

Council’s Judgment

An untargeted catch-all removal

Council's Judgment from Conspiracy

Council’s Judgment from Conspiracy

It is very similar to VindicateVindicate from Part 1, with the exceptions that it’s playable in Mono White, it deals nicely with slippery threats like hexproof creatures and it cannot hit lands. In Modern, three mana is fair game for an effect like this.

Cabal Ritual

Another 2-cmc Mana boost with upside

Cabal Ritual from From the Vault Lore

Cabal Ritual from From the Vault Lore

Not quite Dark RitualDark Ritual, but I suspect that combo scientists will come up with a shell to utilize this powerful way to cheat on mana.

Stoneforge Mystic

The people’s champion

Stoneforge Mystic from Worldwake

Stoneforge Mystic from Worldwake

I was against this unbanning for a very long time, but with the explosive openings that a lot of Modern decks are capable of these days, I don’t think Stoneforge MysticStoneforge Mystic into BatterskullBatterskull is our biggest concern. Unbanning it while reprinting it would probably keep the price where it’s currently at, which is reasonable to make sure players have access.

Green Sun’s Zenith

The best creature tutor out there

Green Sun's Zenith from Eternal Masters

Green Sun’s Zenith from Eternal Masters

My biggest fear about unbanning a card like Green Sun’s ZenithGreen Sun’s Zenith is that these green decks will all look alike and leave a bunch of sweet cards unused in the format. If different flavors of Zenith-fueled toolbox decks would show up, it will be a slam dunk.


A drawspell with its own book

Gush from Duel Decks Anthology Jace vs Chandra

Gush from Duel Decks Anthology Jace vs Chandra

GushGush has proven to be too good as a four-of in Vintage a bunch of times over the years. However, the main differences are that Vintage has the power 9 to make sure you can cast more expensive spells earlier and make up for the tempo loss, and that the dual lands you return to your hand will deal you damage on the way down in Modern. These factors combined will make GushGush balanced enough to introduce it to the format, and it will most likely give a small boost to Grixis Shadow and Young PyromancerYoung Pyromancer strategies.

Burning Wish

Bringing the sideboard to game 1

Burning Wish from Conspiracy Take the Crown

Burning Wish from Conspiracy Take the Crown

I would love to add Burning WishBurning Wish to my Titan Shift deck and have access to a split of ScapeshiftScapeshift, Anger of the GodsAnger of the Gods, Hunting WildsHunting Wilds, Slaughter GamesSlaughter Games, ShatterstormShatterstorm in game 1. It might even see play in the hypothetical Red-Green Life from the LoamLife from the Loam decks.


The tuned-down Force of Will

Foil from Ultimate Masters

Foil from Ultimate Masters

FoilFoil is a very tricky card that will only be good against big mana decks and combo. Note that you are allowed to discard shock lands to it, but that your manabase should consist of a lot of Islands to support it.

Engineered Plague

The tribal-enemy number one

Engineered Plague from Urza's Legacy

Engineered Plague from Urza’s Legacy

If several tribal decks like Humans and Spirits get a huge boost, a natural way to keep them in check is to introduce Engineered PlagueEngineered Plague to the format.

Accumulated Knowledge

A card for the durdliest of Control

Accumulated Knowledge from Masters 25

Accumulated Knowledge from Masters 25

Maybe times have changed too much, but nostalgia made me include “AK” on the list. I would be stoked if the durdliest control mages on the planet figured out that chaining Accumulated KnowledgeAccumulated Knowledges is a solid strategy in Modern. Also I want to see how the new guard of competitive players that weren’t around back in the day will navigate the mirror match (yes, it counts all graveyards!).

Moment’s Peace

A Fog with Flashback

Moment's Peace from Oddyssey

Moment’s Peace from Oddyssey

I remember during Eldrazi Winter that I played blue Scapeshift with the full playset of FogFog in the main deck. And every time I cast the card, I wanted it to be Moment’s PeaceMoment’s Peace so bad. Please unleash this tool and let me buy a few turns before I win the game!

Gerrard’s Verdict

The fair Hymn to Tourach

Gerrard's Verdict from Apocalypse

Gerrard’s Verdict from Apocalypse

Finally a Modern version of Hymn to TourachHymn to Tourach that is between too good and horrible (Wrench MindWrench Mind, I’m looking at you). The lifegain makes sure you can take the tempo loss, and incidentally it will beat Burn almost singlehandedly.


A rule-bending blast from the past

Humility from Tempest

Humility from Tempest

Another one from the reserved list, but between Turn to FrogTurn to Frog and Polymorphist’s JestPolymorphist’s Jest, Wizards have shown that they still like to take away your abilities. I once played a Legacy deck with HumilityHumility, Pulse of the FieldsPulse of the Fields and Decree of JusticeDecree of Justice to have fun. But in Modern, creatures play a larger role and thus an effect like HumilityHumility will even be more relevant. Humility will be great in a deck with token generators like BitterblossomBitterblossom and Lingering SoulsLingering Souls. However, a new version of Humility would likely be blue.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast

The artifact-loving Goblin could be back

Daretti Ingenious Iconoclast from Conspiracy Take the Crown

Daretti Ingenious Iconoclast from Conspiracy Take the Crown

Another three-mana exciting planeswalker where the amount of possibilities seems infinite. Players will need to find synergy for the 1/1 defender and include artifacts that they don’t mind losing to the -1 ability.

Evasive Action

A niche counter for a niche deck

Evasive Action from Duel Decks Phyrexia vs the Coalition

Evasive Action from Duel Decks Phyrexia vs the Coalition

Evasive ActionEvasive Action certainly is a very niche counter, especially if actual CounterspellCounterspell gets reprinted. However, if it gets reprinted in Modern Horizons, it will see play in Bring to LightBring to Light Scapeshift.


More flexible than Mana Leak

Miscalculation from Urza's Legacy

Miscalculation from Urza’s Legacy

A soft counter for the early game that you can cycle in the late game? I’m a huge fan of cards that are playable to good at any stage of the game and Miscalc’ qualifies. I think it’s enough better than CensorCensor to see play in a few lists.

Subterranian Tremors

Will the big Lizard come for Modern?

Subterranean Tremors from Conspiracy Take the Crown

Subterranean Tremors from Conspiracy Take the Crown

A nice little split card of a sweeper and a ShatterstormShatterstorm could come in handy in a new format full of fast creature strategies and the innevitable Mox OpalMox Opal-powered artifact strategies. And who wouldn’t want to finish a game with that token?

Crystal Vein

A fair Ancient Tomb variant

Crystal Vein from Commander Anthology

Crystal Vein from Commander Anthology

I had to think hard about a “fixed Ancient TombAncient Tomb” until I realized that the card already existed. Personally, I don’t enjoy playing the decks that Crystal VeinCrystal Vein would be featured in, but I feel it would have a place in the format.

Unexpectedly Absent

Between Vindicate and Time Walk

Unexpectedly Absent from Eternal Masters

Unexpectedly Absent from Eternal Masters

On the front side, this is a versatile removal spell that can take care of everything from creatures to planeswalkers. Just respond to a fetch land activation to get rid of the target permanently. An underrated mode of Unexpectedly AbsentUnexpectedly Absent is to “Time WalkTime Walk” your opponent in the late game and return a useless permanent to the top of their deck.


A sweet addition from Battlebond

Spellseeker from Battlebond

Spellseeker from Battlebond

SpellseekerSpellseeker was put into the world to piece together combo finishes, but maybe the cost is too high and the 1/1 body is irrelevant.


I hope you enjoyed part two as much as part one and want to share your reaction to some of my picks in the comments. As always I would be happy to discuss your suggestions as well.

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This article was written by Andreas Petersen in a media collaboration with mtgmintcard.com

Andreas Petersen

Andreas Petersen

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