Even though Modern Horizons will be the format that is drafted for the Mythic Championship in Barcelona, there is a new set that was just released: The new core set M20. M20 hits a soft spot, since it is a core set and I will (along with several team members) play a GP in Krakow that is M20 Sealed and Draft. I love playing Magic, and with new sets, we get new cards and there is new information to be gathered/understood and formats to be mastered.

Because it isn’t part of the Mythic Championship, I did not focus too much on the spoilers and so I had the pleasure to learn all the cards as I made this, which gave me a true Pre-Release weekend vibe, seeing a lot of the cards for the first time. This will of course increase the overall win% (for me at least) but I think there is a huge upside, to really getting that old school feeling of not knowing what you are facing. You have to read all of the cards and just go along with how the game is progressing and lean on your background as Pre-Release grinder and master of the craft!

Prior to the video, I have however cheated and gotten my ass kicked in two prior 8-4 Elimination Drafts on MTGO, but as someone once said, you have to rise from the horse that you fell – or something like that at least – so tune in and see me get my ass kicked when I venture into the multiverse of MTG Arena.



This article and video were created by Michael Bonde in a media collaboration with mtgmintcard.com