At the end of last month, Mythic Championship London fired – and we played our hearts out in both Modern and War of the Spark Limited, the latter for the first time. However, there was also the seasonal cut-off on MTG Arena, where the top 1000 from March and April on both the Limited and Constructed Mythic ladder will become eligible for the Mythic Championship Qualifier for the Arena Mythic Championship.
How the qualification via the MCQ works in detail is something I’m not 100% sure about, but what I’ve heard is a GP Style swiss event, where you have to get 6 wins before 3 losses, to advance to “day 2”. The day 2 is then the actual MCQ that will qualify an amount of the top contenders. This seems like a great way of performing a qualifier tournament. So even though my time for Magic, outside the Mythic Championship testing, is limited, I have put some hours in to get to Mythic top 1000.
Grinding the Limited ladder is a bit slower than Constructed. However, the reason I’m doing so, is the fact that when you hit Mythic in Limited, it’s almost impossible to not stay in the top 1000, whereas you have to protect your rating in the Constructed part.

Doing these grind events, be it the MCQ circuit or just grinding ladder – you have to remember to take the good with the bad, and only really do it if you really want to play and qualify. I had a run – and not to spoil too much, but it was definitely a rollercoaster!


This article and video were created by Michael Bonde in a media collaboration with mtgmintcard.com