Today, I am proud to announce a new partnership with Deel, a new payments & compliance platform for contractors. This collaboration means a lot to us, as we’ve met Alex and Shuo, some of the brilliant minds behind the service in the Y Combinator W19 batch. Deel is on a mission to build tools for future of work, making lives of clients and contractors as easy as they can be.

Their platform guides companies around local labor law compliant contracts templates and taxes when onboarding individual freelancers, affiliates, contractors and – of course – our #sponsored content creators and players.

Since July 1st, 2019, Mage has been using Deel to create, nurture and facilitate all influencer deals and we are just getting started. This partnership provides us with the infrastructure to scale our business and support even more content creators without creating an enormous legal overhead. Big shoutout to Alex for making this DEEL possible (ehehe).

Here is what our players say about Deel:

Deel has been the easiest way to organize and get paid for my contracts. It’s simple and quick to sign up and revolutionizes work and contracting!  – Ally Warfield


Deel has been fantastic to use for my contract. It’s very quick and easy to sign and you can access your contract at any time! I also like how it allows you to create a notification if there’s an outstanding payment! – Chase Carroll

To celebrate this partnership, Deel will be represented on our Season 2020 Mage Jersey which you can preorder via mail here: merch@magemarket.com (no preorder payment required).

Mage 2020 Jersey, sponsored by Deel

Mage 2020 Jersey, sponsored by Deel

Read more about Deel here:

Deel helps companies onboard contractors, pay them in one click, and automatically generate all the invoices and tax forms needed.  We allow contractors to get paid with the payment method of their choice and at the best exchange rate for their local currency.

Benefits of Deel

Benefits of Deel

If you are a contractor, streamer, content creator or human being who loves to be paid for work, definitely check out Deel for your future contracts.

Likewise: if you are running a business and work with international remote contractors, Deel has you covered with hundreds of legal documents for local legislations.

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