Death and Taxes – The Definitive Guide by Thomas Enevoldsen was a smash-hit article series. Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here on the Snapcardster blog!

To celebrate this huge success, we’ve decided to give back to the Legacy community that has reacted with overwhelming support to our content. Inspired by the Magic Online Power 9 Giveaway that Andreas did a while ago, we went down a different path this time. If you are one of the winners of this giveaway, you will receive a $50 (44,26€) Cashback Voucher for any cards from Thomas’ Death and Taxes list. That’s right, just get any of those cards in the Snapcardster app and we will reimburse you $50 (44,26€)!

Check out the articles linked above and below to refresh your memory on what Thomas’ list looks like.

Good luck and have fun


Thomas’ Death and Taxes Giveaway