Condition of articles

Your guide to evaluating conditions of articles

With this brief guide, we want to give sellers the ability to determine the condition of their cards. This depends on the amount of damage and its severity.

Of course, there are no general guidelines to define the card’s condition, as each card is unique and must be assessed individually.

Questions about the evaluation of conditions?

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1. ★★★★★ Near Mint – As good as new

Ein Foto von einer Near Mint Karte

No visible damage

Cards that correspond to a “near mint” condition show only minimal or no traces of playing or card shuffling. They may have a little kink in the corner but basically look almost new and unplayed.

2. ★★★★ Excellent -Slightly used

Ein Foto von einer Magic: The Gathering Karte mit Kratzern

A photo of a Magic: The Gathering card with scratches

Slightly used cards show little wear, as indicated by small scratches. There are not many flaws and none of them are significant.

3. ★★★★★ Good – Moderately used

Auffälligere Stellen am Rand

Stronger spots on the edge

Cards that meet this condition have several significant shortcomings. Edges and corners may be worn, there may be scratches, brightening, light dirt or a combination of minor defects.

4. ★★★★★ Played – Stark gebraucht

Die Karte ist drecking und hat deutliche Schäden

The card is dirty and has significant damage

In this case, the degree of wear is severe. A significant wear of the borders as well as considerable damage of the material and strong brightening of the colors can be recognized. Despite these shortcomings, such a card can still be played well on a tournament when it is packed in a protective case.

5.a ★★★★ Damaged – Beschädigt

Die Karte hat deutliche Schäden

The card has suffered properly

Damaged cards have high levels of wear, indentations or scratches that have damaged the integrity of the card. Cards in this condition may not be sold through Snapcardster.

5.b ★★★★ Inked – Bemalt

"Inked" Karten wurde mit einem schwarzen Stift manipuliert

“Inked” Cards were manipulated with a black pen

The card was manipulated with a black pen to mask traces of wear. These cards must be listed asDamaged  and must be reported in case of misuse, for example false information of the seller.