Today AndreasecobaronenPetersen sits down with Christoffer Larsen to welcome him as the newest member of team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard and find out how it feels to join the lineup of the all-danish squad for the next season of the Pro Tour Team Series.

Hello Chris and welcome to Team Snapcardster!

Thank you Andreas. I’m looking forward to an all Danish team!

For those of the readers who don’t spend a lot of time watching coverage and following tournament results, can you introduce yourself and list your achievements?

Of course. I’m Chris and I play Magic: the Gathering. I’ve played for a long time and in the last couple of years I started playing more and more, making it to the Pro Tour and now I’ve reached Gold status in the Pro Players’ Club. I’ve won back to back 2-headed giant prereleases! Also I have 8 Grand Prix top 8’s including one win with Thomas Enevoldsen and Michael Bonde as a team.

The Team Enevoldsen-Larsen-Bonde won GP Lyon 2017 after an 0-2 start.

You are used to preparing for tournaments with some of the best American players like Brad Nelson and Seth Manfield, but now you will play on a 100% Danish squad. Talk about the differences in these two setups and what you expect from this new roster in the upcoming season.

I recently started school after almost 10 years in the Military, serving in the navy. How I managed to travel 2 weeks before a Pro Tour for the last two years playing all the Pro Tours is still a mystery for me, but I loved playing with Team Genesis (Brad Nelson, Seth Manfied, Corey Baumeister, Brain Braun Duin, Lukas Blohon and Martin Müller) and Team Revelation (Thomas Hendricks, Joel Larsson, Petr Sochůrek, Paul Dean and Martin Dang). It’s been a lot of fun and an interesting exercise for the mind learning how to test. I’m not the best at testing Standard, I mostly just like to draft. Having some of the best constructed players sitting around you telling you stuff up to the Pro Tour is something I’ll come to miss, but that being said, I’m very happy about the new team. I’ve known the people on the team for a long time, having played Pro Tour Hollywood more than 10 years ago traveling with Thomas Enevoldsen and Martin Dang. Really excited to team with some of my best friends, and ever since we started talking about this team I really hoped it would become a reality. Here we are!

Having different skill sets on a team is obviously very important. When the new team gets together and it’s time to prepare for a big tournament, how do you see your own role?

I see myself doing a lot of drafts and a little constructed on the side, although I hope to see myself play more constructed. Still a table of 6 is where I’ll seat myself when given the choice (team draft, baby!).

Looking at your resume, you have very impressive Grand Prix results, but you’re lacking a big finish at the Pro Tour. You clearly have the necessary skill, so when can we expect you to break through at the Pro Tour level?

I think I’ve been lacking the last tiny bit of killer mindset to get there in the end. I tend to take stuff a lot more relaxed than others, also up to the Pro Tour. I’m aware of this and I hope to change it a bit as well as trying to maybe play a bit more constructed. Before one Pro Tour I did +100 drafts in ten days staying at Michael Majors‘ place in Virginia. Maybe a little bit more constructed is what I need.

Christoffer Larsen's new Snapcardster Jersey

Christoffer Larsen’s new Snapcardster Jersey

Thank you for the interview! We can’t wait to see you in the red and white jersey this season. If you want to add anything, now is the time.

Mostly just wanna give a shout out to you Andreas for being the guy behind the scenes in this case. I hope you will join us for some of the US trips, maybe for a bit of Standard – your favorite format! If anyone wants to follow me on social media, my new Twitter account is @ChrisTheDaneLa1.


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Andreas Petersen

Andreas Petersen

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