Become an Influencer

Create decklists, share your thoughts on social media and receive a revenue share when someone buys cards from that deck.

What exactly is Mage?

The app combines several handy features for each Magic Fan. Scan your Magic Cards with your smartphone camera and arrange your collection in decks and folders of your virtual library. Buy, sell and trade cards on the most secure marketplace. When you buy from a private individual, they send the cards to us, we verify the cards and send them to you.

How do I become an official influencer?

If you think the brand Mage is a right fit for you, head over our application form to request access.

What's in for me?

Whenever you post your decklist on Youtube/Twitch/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or whatever channel you’re active on and a follower of your community purchases either …

  1. a card from that deck
  2. the complete deck

… you receive a revenue share of 100% for the first three months after the link has been posted.

ItemPriceYour earnings
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon$46.95$3.76
Snapcaster Mage$61.93$4.95

What are the requirements?

  • roughly +1000 followers across your channels
  • have a healthy community
  • no hate speech, discrimination, racism, sexism
  • have fun!

Alright, let's get this started?

Awesome. Head over to our application form and sign up. You will then join the waitlist and we will contact you to schedule an onboarding for you in person to get to know you and set everything up.

Further questions?

The best way to contact us:

Request Access

Become an Influencer

and receive 100% revenue share for the first three months after adding a deck

Influencer Decklist
Publish your deck on Youtube

Youtube has some of the highest engagement rates for video content and decktechs (e.g. building on a budget) are a great way to educate your fans.

Your Decklist

Present your decklist and mention your affiliate link in the description for higher conversion.

Video Description
Link to your decklist on Mage

Mention your latest deck in the description of your video. In some juristications you need to display an affiliation such as #sponsored.

Optional: Link to the App

Apply for a click deal and link to our app store. We will compensate your traffic with a fair market CPC.

Your individual landing page

This is how your deck preview looks like

Your customized Deck Landing Page
Your Brand

We will make sure to represent your recognizable brand within the app

Your Deck

The best way to share your deck and receive support from your community


Educate your followers that you’re part of something bigger. In some