mage x deel Partnerships

Mage x Deel

#sponsored Today, I am proud to announce a new partnership with Deel, a new payments & compliance platform for contractors. This collaboration means a lot to us, as we’ve met…
September 19, 2019
Mage Feature Image Company

Snapcardster rebrands to Mage

Hooray and hello, fellow Planeswalkers! Today is a special announcement from the team: We're rebranding to Mage. For over two years, we've been present on the App Store, Play Store, social…
March 6, 2019
Electrodominance by Dmitry Burmak Modern

Electrodominance in Modern

Let’s achieve Dominance. Electrodominance. I want to start off todays article with honesty! “Hello, my name is Michael and I’m an addict”. To clarify – I’m an addict when it…
Michael Bonde
January 23, 2019
Martin Dang Evergreen

The Importance of a Team

It’s a pretty standard issue to hear tournament champions thank their teammates, and with good reason. Being a lone wolf in Magic won’t get you to the top anymore, and…
Martin Dang
November 29, 2018
Old School Old School

Keepin’ it Old School

So, I believe most of you are now familiar with the old kid on the block: the elusive, intriguing and vastly expensive format of 93/94 or simply Old School magic.…
February 19, 2018
The Scarab God Standard

The Quest continues

When I last discussed Standard, I had arrived at Abzan Tokens as the best way to leverage sweepers. As I continued grinding at the leagues and failing to escape mediocrity,…
February 5, 2018

My 10 MTG Commandments

Hello and welcome back to an actual article from my hand. I'm taking a small break from the interviews to share some mixed thoughts about the way I approach the…
Andreas Petersen
January 13, 2018